4.1 Setting up your EC2 instance.

For the next section we are going to need:

  1. Windows Server 2019 EC2 Instance with RDP access.
  2. An IDE or text-editor such as Notepad++, SublimeText or VSCode (you choose).
  3. Administrator access.
  4. AWS CLI.

If you are in an AWS hosted workshop, an EC2 instance will already be provisioned for you. You just have to reset the password!

Optional: Change the Administrator password via EC2 Session Manager.

  1. Navigate to the EC2 console EC2 Console
  2. Right Click the ec2 instance, click connect.
  3. Select ‘Session Manager
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Run the following command (you can use your own password):
net user administrator 'P@ssw0rd!'
  1. Done, you should now be able to RDP to the instance.